Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ceramic Iron Showdown: CHI vs the Sedu Flat Iron

Ceramic Iron Showdown: CHI vs the Sedu Flat Iron

I thought I would take some time and go through all the consumer complaints for the Sedu flat iron and the CHI model at (kind of like an "IRON CHEF" but with ceramic flat irons). The way I did this was by reading all the comments for both irons between Jan 2006 and July 2006.

Here are the common complaints from CHI owners:
- poor quality control (brand new ones don't work, they stop heating after a few months, stop working after a few minutes of use, got too hot and melted the plastic housing)
- tends to snag your hair (the edges are not rounded and that tends to cause snags)
- older model had no heat control (the Sedu flat iron has an adjustable temperature setting)
- does not save any time straightening hair (most Sedu owners claim their flat iron takes half the time to straighten their hair)
- some users complained that it could not straighten their hair and so they gave up
- users claimed it cost $35 for warranty repairs (shipping, etc)

The CHI is rated 4 out of 5 on

Here are the most common complaints from Sedu Flat Iron owners:
- customer expected smoother hair from the Sedu
- one customer explained that they love it but still get a better result at the salon (for more money of course)
- one person mentioned she gets dry hair using it (but she probably was not using a leave in conditioner before using it)

The Sedu Falt Iron is rated 4.5 out of 5 on

There are 2 other significant differences about the Sedu flat iron. First, a large percentage of customers post their before and after pictures on so you really get to see the kind of results you might expect to achieve. Second, the CHI model had 310 reviews and the Sedu Flat Iron had a total of 2,784 reviews (almost 9 times the number of reviews).

Give that the vast majority of reviews are extremely positive and the fact that there are 9 times as many reviews, it is safe to say that the Sedu Flat Iron wins hands down in this comparison. And considering they are roughly the same price, the choice should be easy to make.

Kw: Sedu Flat Iron.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was debating between CHI and Sedu.

hair care said...

wow, such a nice compare.
thank you very much for this article.

Hav said...

This was very helpful. after reading the reviews & seeing the pics, i decided to get the sedu.

can you follow my blog ****? I'm following you, your posts are very informative :-)

mercy said...

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Rebecca said...

Reading reviews and finding reputable sources takes time so it's great when you find a blog that Compare Straighteners and has done this for you. Keep posting. I would like to see your comparison of the Sedu on GHD.

stephanie said...

This was a great post. At my salon my hair stylist uses a Chi and I love the results I get.

Mike Gary said...

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