Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some interesting Sedu Flat Iron testimonials

Some interesting Sedu Flat Iron testimonials

Nela from Georgia (rated the 1.5 inch iron a 5 out of 5)
Nela was using a chemical straightener every 6 months to be able to manage her curly hair. After she got the sedu flat iron, she was able to go almost a week without having to straighten her hair again.
"I am still a very happy customer. I no longer use the chemical straightner!!! My hair is so healthy and versatile now that I feel lucky to have found the perfect solution."

Nicole from Los Angeles (rated the 1.5 inch iron a 4 out of 5)
Nicole confesses to having very thick, curly, long and relaxed African-American hair. She claims to be able to get better results that she does at her stylist. She still likes to visit her stylist but now she can go less often.
"If you have ethnic hair this will definitely work for you."

C Franklin from Austin (rate the 1.5 inch iron a 5 out of 5)

She had a fantastic experience with her first Sedu Flat Iron. She had 2 other professional hair straighteners before the Sedu and was quite happy with them. She was amazed that her new sedu iron worked better than she expected.
"... it [always] took me 30 - 40 minutes to get my hair straight, and it was never 'salon straight'. The Sedu takes me 10 minutes -- REALLY."

There are defintely thousands of other positive testimonials about the sedu flat iron. I did find a few bad reviews as well. The most common complaint I encountered was that the outside of the iron can get very hot. Well, that has been a problem with irons for a long time. You can get a special heatproof pounch/mat when you
order your sedu flat iron online to help with that problem too.

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