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Ceramic Iron Showdown: CHI vs the Sedu Flat Iron

Ceramic Iron Showdown: CHI vs the Sedu Flat Iron

I thought I would take some time and go through all the consumer complaints for the Sedu flat iron and the CHI model at (kind of like an "IRON CHEF" but with ceramic flat irons). The way I did this was by reading all the comments for both irons between Jan 2006 and July 2006.

Here are the common complaints from CHI owners:
- poor quality control (brand new ones don't work, they stop heating after a few months, stop working after a few minutes of use, got too hot and melted the plastic housing)
- tends to snag your hair (the edges are not rounded and that tends to cause snags)
- older model had no heat control (the Sedu flat iron has an adjustable temperature setting)
- does not save any time straightening hair (most Sedu owners claim their flat iron takes half the time to straighten their hair)
- some users complained that it could not straighten their hair and so they gave up
- users claimed it cost $35 for warranty repairs (shipping, etc)

The CHI is rated 4 out of 5 on

Here are the most common complaints from Sedu Flat Iron owners:
- customer expected smoother hair from the Sedu
- one customer explained that they love it but still get a better result at the salon (for more money of course)
- one person mentioned she gets dry hair using it (but she probably was not using a leave in conditioner before using it)

The Sedu Falt Iron is rated 4.5 out of 5 on

There are 2 other significant differences about the Sedu flat iron. First, a large percentage of customers post their before and after pictures on so you really get to see the kind of results you might expect to achieve. Second, the CHI model had 310 reviews and the Sedu Flat Iron had a total of 2,784 reviews (almost 9 times the number of reviews).

Give that the vast majority of reviews are extremely positive and the fact that there are 9 times as many reviews, it is safe to say that the Sedu Flat Iron wins hands down in this comparison. And considering they are roughly the same price, the choice should be easy to make.

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Sedu Flat Irons - Tricks and Tips

Sedu Flat Irons - Tricks and Tips

Here are some important tricks for you to get the best results possible with your sedu flat iron.

- never use any flat iron on wet hair because you could scorch and damage your hair
- always use your sedu flat iron on clean hair. Use an appropriate shampoo with conditioner. It also helps to apply a leave in conditioner to your hair
- work on straightening your hair in smaller batches. You will get better results and will minimize any damage to your hair
- if you have short hair, you will get better results from a smaller width Sedu flat iron (such as 1"). The wider units are better suited for long hair. The smaller unit weighs less so it will be easier to use.
- The sedu flat iron allows you to control the temperature. Make sure to use the proper heat setting for your hair type (low for thin/damaged, med for normal, and high for thick/very curly)
- If you blow dry your hair first, use a round brush (consider getting a boar bristle brush)
- If you want a silkier look, try adding a hair serum to your hair before straightening it
- Once you have straightened your hair, resist any urge to brush your hair unless you are going to style it (like an updo bun for example)

There really are a lot of amazing hairstyles that you can create once you are proficient with using your sedu flat iron. Take some time to practice using it and use your creativity. Once you are very good at achieving the basic straight look, you can start getting more adventurous and creating new styles.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some interesting Sedu Flat Iron testimonials

Some interesting Sedu Flat Iron testimonials

Nela from Georgia (rated the 1.5 inch iron a 5 out of 5)
Nela was using a chemical straightener every 6 months to be able to manage her curly hair. After she got the sedu flat iron, she was able to go almost a week without having to straighten her hair again.
"I am still a very happy customer. I no longer use the chemical straightner!!! My hair is so healthy and versatile now that I feel lucky to have found the perfect solution."

Nicole from Los Angeles (rated the 1.5 inch iron a 4 out of 5)
Nicole confesses to having very thick, curly, long and relaxed African-American hair. She claims to be able to get better results that she does at her stylist. She still likes to visit her stylist but now she can go less often.
"If you have ethnic hair this will definitely work for you."

C Franklin from Austin (rate the 1.5 inch iron a 5 out of 5)

She had a fantastic experience with her first Sedu Flat Iron. She had 2 other professional hair straighteners before the Sedu and was quite happy with them. She was amazed that her new sedu iron worked better than she expected.
"... it [always] took me 30 - 40 minutes to get my hair straight, and it was never 'salon straight'. The Sedu takes me 10 minutes -- REALLY."

There are defintely thousands of other positive testimonials about the sedu flat iron. I did find a few bad reviews as well. The most common complaint I encountered was that the outside of the iron can get very hot. Well, that has been a problem with irons for a long time. You can get a special heatproof pounch/mat when you
order your sedu flat iron online to help with that problem too.

Sedu Flat Iron

Monday, July 24, 2006

Where is the best place to buy the sedu flat iron?

Once you have decided that you want to pick up a sedu flat iron, your next question normally is where can I get the best deal. You might be thinking you can pick up a cool deal on one using or some other online service. Be careful, unless you buy from an authorized dealer of Sedu beauty products you may find out that your lovely flat iron does not have a warranty.

On the Sedu Beauty web site you will find this page devoted to the authorized sales sites online. For example, you should either buy it from Amazon or if you want to make your purchase online.
Some people may find it more comforting to purchase from a local salon. On the above web site is a directory of sedu authorized beauty salons. There are 46 for the U.S., 3 from Canada and 2 from the U.K. So no matter how you plan to make your sedu flat iron purchase, there is an option available for you.

8 Interesting Facts about the Sedu Flat Iron

Many people have questions about the Sedu flat iron. Here are 8 very common questions along with the answers.

  1. How much does it weigh? - under 0.5 pounds for both the 1" and 1.5" models
  2. How long is its warm up time? - it heats up from room temperature to full operating temperature in as little as 25 seconds
  3. Is it a ceramic flat iron? Yes, the ceramic plates are made from tourmaline, which is an ionic crystal that releases ions when heated.
  4. What is the warranty on the sedu flat iron? - it comes with a one full year limited warranty
  5. How long is the power cord? - it comes with a 9 foot swivel cord that resists tangling
  6. How long does it take to straighten hair? - the short answer is minutes but it does depend on the type of hair you have. The high concentration of negative ions produced by the tourmaline means it normally straightens hair in half the time of regular flat irons
  7. How do I know which model to choose from (the 1" or 1.5" model) - the length or your hair determines which Sedu flat iron you should buy. If you have shorter hair, get the 1" model. For long hair get the 1.5" model. If you have very curly or thick or ethnic hair, you may wish to get the 1.5" model to save time.
  8. Can I use the iron to curl my hair too? - You can even use the sedu flat iron to do some basic curling of your hair. Examples include adding soft curls, flip outs and flip ins to the bottom of your hair.

There you have it, 8 interesting facts about the Sedu flat iron from

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Does the sedu flat iron work with all hair types?

One of the most asked question about the sedu flat iron is 'does it work with my hair type'? The short answer is yes it will. This is the reason why ...

One of the main advantages of using a sedu iron is the fact that it has a variable temperature setting. This means that you can find the perfect setting for just about any hair type.

If you have bleached, damaged, fragile or fine hair, Sedu Beauty recommend the lower heat setting. For normal to slightly wavy hair they recommend the middle temperature settings. And lastly, if you have very wavy, thick, coarse or ethnic and resistant hair that is healthy you can use the maximum heat setting.

The temperature settings range from 240 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. So, no matter how you classify your hair, the sedu flat iron is sure to straighten it, and normally twice as fast as any other hair straightener on the market.

Sedu Flat Iron Temperature Settings

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Sedu Flat Iron ... most popular by far

I have been reading some very popular sales/review site for hair products, in particular, ceramic flat irons. Well, after a few hours of reading, I can tell you that the Sedu family of hair straighteners seems to be winning the popularity vote.

I guess its no wonder that many of Hollywood's stars are reported to be using the Sedu irons or Sedu techniques.

From the reviews I have read so far, this is what people are saying about the iron:

1) It is lighter than most ceramic irons they have tried before - no more tired arms.

2) It works better at lower temperature settings (for the majority of people) - less damage to your hair.

3) It works about 100% faster than most other hair straighteners. Saving you have the time to straighten your hair is great news.

4) It costs about the same as the less popular brands

So, all in all, I would have to say the Sedu flat iron is the better ceramic iron for your money.


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