Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sedu Flat Irons - Tricks and Tips

Sedu Flat Irons - Tricks and Tips

Here are some important tricks for you to get the best results possible with your sedu flat iron.

- never use any flat iron on wet hair because you could scorch and damage your hair
- always use your sedu flat iron on clean hair. Use an appropriate shampoo with conditioner. It also helps to apply a leave in conditioner to your hair
- work on straightening your hair in smaller batches. You will get better results and will minimize any damage to your hair
- if you have short hair, you will get better results from a smaller width Sedu flat iron (such as 1"). The wider units are better suited for long hair. The smaller unit weighs less so it will be easier to use.
- The sedu flat iron allows you to control the temperature. Make sure to use the proper heat setting for your hair type (low for thin/damaged, med for normal, and high for thick/very curly)
- If you blow dry your hair first, use a round brush (consider getting a boar bristle brush)
- If you want a silkier look, try adding a hair serum to your hair before straightening it
- Once you have straightened your hair, resist any urge to brush your hair unless you are going to style it (like an updo bun for example)

There really are a lot of amazing hairstyles that you can create once you are proficient with using your sedu flat iron. Take some time to practice using it and use your creativity. Once you are very good at achieving the basic straight look, you can start getting more adventurous and creating new styles.

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Andrew said...

Hi, I loved your tips and tricks article, you especially have to remember to blow dry.

I have an article on my site called 'sedu hairstyles how-to' that's an illustrated (pictures of a model doing the procedures) step by step tutorial on how to use the sedu iron for a beginner, I'd really appreciate it if you would check it out and give me your opinion:

Thanks very much,

Jen @ Updo Princess said...

Do you use a heat protection spray to help stop damage to the hair? I know a lot of people recommend them.