Monday, July 24, 2006

8 Interesting Facts about the Sedu Flat Iron

Many people have questions about the Sedu flat iron. Here are 8 very common questions along with the answers.

  1. How much does it weigh? - under 0.5 pounds for both the 1" and 1.5" models
  2. How long is its warm up time? - it heats up from room temperature to full operating temperature in as little as 25 seconds
  3. Is it a ceramic flat iron? Yes, the ceramic plates are made from tourmaline, which is an ionic crystal that releases ions when heated.
  4. What is the warranty on the sedu flat iron? - it comes with a one full year limited warranty
  5. How long is the power cord? - it comes with a 9 foot swivel cord that resists tangling
  6. How long does it take to straighten hair? - the short answer is minutes but it does depend on the type of hair you have. The high concentration of negative ions produced by the tourmaline means it normally straightens hair in half the time of regular flat irons
  7. How do I know which model to choose from (the 1" or 1.5" model) - the length or your hair determines which Sedu flat iron you should buy. If you have shorter hair, get the 1" model. For long hair get the 1.5" model. If you have very curly or thick or ethnic hair, you may wish to get the 1.5" model to save time.
  8. Can I use the iron to curl my hair too? - You can even use the sedu flat iron to do some basic curling of your hair. Examples include adding soft curls, flip outs and flip ins to the bottom of your hair.

There you have it, 8 interesting facts about the Sedu flat iron from

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